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Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers for Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-2006.


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Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers - Civic Type R EP3

Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers - Civic Type R EP3
Short description

Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers for Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-2006.


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Yellow Speed Racing coilovers adopt high quality components to ensure the durability and stability of the product. Each application is fully tested on the road or circuit to guarantee perfect performance and comfort for all customers. The choice of Japanese racing teams.




- Dynamic Pro Sport : Developed for all driving enthusiasts who want excellent handling without sacrificing comfort. 33-way adjustment, lowering between 50mm and 100mm.

- Super Low: For those looking to improve the appearance of their car. This kit is a great alternative to air suspension. Lowering between 80mm and 130mm. For safety reasons, it is NOT recommended that vehicles fitted with this kit be driven at high speed.

- Dynamic Pro Drift: Developed by the team Japanese NICHIEI RACING, YOICHI IMAMURA and FENG REN ZHI, the Dynamic Pro Drift won the title of the Japanese championship in D1 over 4 years! The best adjustable suspension system for Drift expectations.

- Premium Competition: Designed and developed for racing use to provide the most durable shock absorber and more competitive. 33-way adjustment, light aluminum alloy, McPherson suspension system.

- Premium Competition Inverted: Same development as the Yellow Speed Racing Premium Competition but with inverted tube, for more variable terrains.

- Club Performance: Ideal for all car enthusiasts who want excellent handling when participating in a track day or for driving daily without sacrificing driving comfort. With an external tank, they allow you to operate this product for a long time.

- Pro Plus racing 2/3-Way: Developed for competition. Separate settings for compression, rebound damping and height. Slick tires are recommended with this product for exceptional performance. Reserved for competition. Loss of warranty if used on the road.

- Advanced Pro Plus : 2-way with reverse monotube shock absorbers. The system allows you to adjust rebound and compression separately. External tank which provides additional oil capacity for long periods of use and improves performance. Loss of warranty if used on the road.





Yellow Speed coilovers feature ma multi-wayadjustable dampening setting so you can fine tune your ride to suit the road conditions. This allows the suspension to not only be tailored to your car but also your driving preference.





From dust covers to replacement struts we have spare parts to refurbish or repair your coilover should the need ever arise.





Yellow Speed coilovers have an adjustable ride-height between many millimeters depending on application. For those looking to go even lower then the Super Low coilover is the one for you.





We want Yellow Speed Racing coilovers to be a manufacturer you can depend on. That’s why the Dynamic Pro Sports come with an 24 month limited warranty which guarantees against defects from materials and workmanship.






Yellow Speed Racing has been giving race spec vehicles the platform to win races and compete in the highest levels of motorsport through their suspension systems.





Protect your coilovers with purpose suspension shock sock covers, made of neoprene these socks will prolong the life of the shock bodies and collars by keeping water, salt, and grit away from components. Team these socks up with ACF-50 anti-corrosion spray and your coilovers will look as good as new for years to come.

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Civic Type R EP3
Civic EP (2002-2005)

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