HP Performances born of a Franco-Swiss friendship. The two partners and above all friends, decided to relaunch Concept-R Performances in another form and another name: HP Performances.

If the foundation of the brand is based primarily on a merchant website that offers various parts for the Japanese brand, there is also a tailor-made engine preparation service inspired by all the experience and automotive know-how of the Swiss preparer. www.hp-performance.com is a unique concept because the site offers a real life around Honda mechanics: FAQ, Blog, etc... ! In addition, it will be the first and only site to offer parts at attractive prices to delight fans of the brand at the H: Le Bon Coin des Honda! The experience gained from Concept-R has allowed the two partners to benefit from a long series of tests on the products they sell and offer you. Indeed, it is hundreds of Honda that the preparer has seen and continues to see pass in his garage. From simple interviews to the craziest preparations, he knows all the smallest details of these mythical engines.

In addition, HP Performances goes beyond technical knowledge because it is also a team of car racers concerned about the performance of their own vehicle. They not only sell the products but they test them on their own Honda and therefore have a practical perspective on the different products.

Who are we?

HP Performances is a reseller of competition parts and genuine Honda parts in France and around the world. In 2019, the company expands through the association with Tegiwa IMPORTS Ltd and by offering a new workspace in a building of 1000m2 with 500m2 dedicated to offices and staff life. More than 200m2 are dedicated solely to stock and the rest represents the delivery/shipping and reception/showroom platform.

We have English, German and Italian interlocutors in order to make the most of exchanges around the world.

Distributeur officiel Europe : Tegiwa, PRL Motorsports, Sprint Filter, Hybrid Racing, Toda Racing,...
More than 12,000 customers in every country in the world.

The Honda Performance Team:




Engineer, mechanics and cartography


Administrative and relationship manager


Order Manager


Development Backoffice/Frontoffice


Order Manager






Order Manager